Memorial Weekend Memories











Praise to all the men and women who have served and continue to serve in our United States armed forces. It’s because of the brave souls who have dedicated their lives to fight for our freedom that our family, along with so many others in America, can enjoy days like we did over the weekend.

Our Memorial Day Weekend was just as relaxing as we had planned. Saturday and Sunday Mark and I spent some time with close friends at Lake June in Lake Placid, Florida. While Mark enjoyed water skiing, tubing and jet skiing; I hung out on the dock basking my pregnant belly in the sun.

Mason was with my parents since we didn’t know what to expect at the lake house and knew it wasn’t too baby friendly, but once we got there we decided that we would have to bring Mason next time. He would have enjoyed every moment in the water. I must say, as pregnant as I am, it was nice not to worry about the safety of my child and just enjoy being outside and witness Mark bouncing around in the water. *Mark is still sore from the beating he endured while tubing, ha!

Today we were able to spend every fun moment with Mason. The morning began with some french toast, book reading and eventually Mason’s afternoon nap. The moment he woke up though, it was straight to the pool. He loves swimming and being outside. I can’t wait to get him some swim lessons because he is so ready to jump in on his own. He’s getting more and more brave.

My parents joined in on the fun as well. There was tanning, floating, grilling and napping! Basically all my favorite summer things packed into a day, score!


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