Mason 0-3 Months


Today this super hero turns 17 months old! Looking back at his first three months of life is so surreal. Time flies by so quickly and I was happy to capture some memories along the way. He changed so much over those first few months and we got to celebrate his first Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and first dip in a swimming pool!

Mason Holidays

Christmas Day Mason was just 9 days old. It was hard to believe that our 9lb 10oz son actually ended up fitting into his newborn outfit. That didn’t last too long though, I think he out grew newborn clothing after two weeks, ha!

He started smiling and sleeping through the night by two months. I can remember the first night we slept all night because the next day was Valentine’s Day! What a gift!

Mason has truly been an amazing kiddo and continues to surprise us. Every day I feel like he is learning something new and taking in the world around him. He loves tickles, snuggles and playing with his toys. He loves his whole milk and drinks out of the sippy cups with a straw. He definitely gets his fair share of bumps and bruises, but I guess that’s what to expect with having an active boy.

Here are some photos from his first dip in our community pool. He was three months old and we were celebrating Mark’s 31st birthday (March 2015)!








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