Donut You Love Pool Days









After fighting off our colds since Friday it was time to get outside and enjoy a much needed pool day. The water is finally warm enough, the sun was out and toys were floating everywhere! Mason loves the squirt toys, but basically anything he can throw is a perfect toy nowadays. That includes the rocks outside of the pool too, but that usually leads to a time out…oh dear.

This was our first day eating pomegranate too! I love the flavor in everything else, but never seem to find the fruit at our nearby grocery store. Either that or we just never knew where to look. But alas! Probably my new favorite fruit! Being pregnant and craving anything sweet has this momma hooked on this yummy deliciousness!

So besides the yummy fruit update, there were also grilled burgers and a donut float. Basically all equaling a much needed day of relaxation. I got my tankini top on from Target and soaked up any sun I could get. Perhaps some random tan lines and a white belly, but I ain’t complaining.

Oh…and I’m totally craving donuts right now! Anyone else!?

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