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The Bump Report: 24 Weeks

Bump - 24 Weeks

An unexpected turn of events…

Besides the deep breaths I take or getting tired easily, this pregnancy has gone by really fast and without much complaint. However, a few weeks ago we found out that my OB/GYN (the same physician who delivered Mason) will no longer be practicing at our hospital! I was completely devastated, especially since his nurses were laid off too. He became part of the family and taking in the reality that he will no longer be my doctor has been a hard pill to swallow.

Since he has left the initial office, he moved temporarily to a nearby physician’s office. He’ll be practicing for just a few more weeks until he leaves for his next position that’s hours away (we seriously contemplated following him to where he was going so he could perform my c-section). After weighing out the pros and cons, we decided to follow our doc to the nearby practice for the next few weeks, then begin seeing the other physician after my doc leaves.

The reality is, my doc and the other physician are both qualified within their field. I should be comfortable knowing that Brinlee and I will be in good hands. The biggest decision was staying at the same hospital because the care we received was fantastic the first time. Plus the hospital food was delicious (now how many people can say that, ha).

So, even though there will be a big transition in the middle of my pregnancy, I know it will be for the best. Nice to stay close to home and somewhere we are familiar with in case anything were to happen.

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