Gender Reveal: It’s a Girl



I have been so tired lately that the last thing on my mind is posting to my blog. However, as of recently there is cause for celebration and definitely something I’ve been wanting to share! Mark and I are happy to announce that we’re expecting a little girl August 2016!

Our appointment was April 21 and the day of our mini gender reveal. We ended up having our doctor keep the gender from us and placed the reveal in an envelope. Afterwards, we handed the envelope off to my dad who was parked out front of the doc’s office. He was the first to find out by opening up the card in his car after we left (he filmed his reaction; it was so heartwarming).

An hour or two passed and my parents met us back at our house for the reveal. And during those two hours Mark and I were so antsy! So, my dad ended up purchasing some silly string and at the end of the count down we would spray each other and find out if it was pink or blue (again, everything captured on film). My mom wanted to be surprised too, so just my father knew before we began spraying each other.

I was so overwhelmed with happiness. I was crying even before I knew the gender because the moment had FINALLY arrived. The moment we find out boy or girl and could begin planning the next step in our lives. But once I saw that pink I completely lost it. I was so uncontrollably happy that my emotions took over and poured out.

I would have been happy either way, but I admit I was team pink. We only had a girl’s name picked out and I already had that motherly instinct it was a girl. Weeks building up to the appointment we were brainstorming boy names, but there was never one we were 100% set on. It was all definitely meant to be! Brinlee Faith is our precious girl’s name. Brin is after my brother Brian and lee is Mark’s middle name. We fell in love with it right away, especially with having so much meaning behind it.

I hope to get better at this blogging more often thing. However; work, Mason and sleep have been my priorities. Gotta get in as much sleep as I can before August arrives.


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