Mason’s First Visit to the Zoo







The summer heat in Florida is approaching fast, but a visit to the zoo was enjoyed nonetheless. Mason was such a cutie wanting to walk everywhere and held my hand along the way. My nieces have been in town for the passed week as well. It was fun taking them back to the zoo that they visited years ago.

Reminder to me: must bring Mason’s battery operated fan. I keep forgetting how hot its been and leaving his fan home for our outdoor activities has left Mason with some rosy cheeks. Luckily a cold bottle of milk and chewing on some ice helped with cool down. Also, another note to self: bring Mason’s bathing suit next time. There was a splash pad that would have been ideal for his cool down too.

The Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens is such a cute and family friendly place to visit. When Mark gets back into town (from his cousin’s bachelor party weekend) we’ll need to plan another visit sometime in the summer. There are giraffes, rhinos, panthers, a reptile exhibit and much more. Mason loved exploring in the playground. He’s always so fascinated with older kiddos and leaves…lots and lots of leaves. Typical boy getting his knees dirty.

Before leaving, we all took a trip on the mini train ride that takes you on a loop around the front entrance of the zoo. My nieces brought up the caboose, then my mom sat in front of them, then Mason and I in front her. Mason just smiled as the breeze brushed his hair back, all the while my teenage nieces were playing Quad City DJ’s song, C’Mon ‘N Ride It (The Train) for some ambience, haha! Successful first visit to the Zoo indeed!


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