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The Bump Report: 16 Weeks

Bump - 16 Weeks

Today I ate like crap. I woke up and loaded up on carbs, which is a big no-no since I started getting nauseous soon afterwards. Needed me some protein, but realized after my two bagels and bowl of cereal that there was no room for anything else. Trust me, I haven’t eaten this bad during my pregnancy until now and I have learned my lesson. Phew!

Now for some fun updates on Baby #2! He/She is the size of an avocado (totally making me crave some guacamole now). Baby’s starting some sucking motor skills. Ears and eyes are in their place, so baby’s cute face is formed. Baby can hear my voice!

So with Mason I always called him ‘Squishy’ for his nickname, up until we found out he was a boy. I’m feeling bad that second baby’s nickname is just Baby #2. Guess I’m not as creative this time around. Maybe I’ll come up with something at my next doctor’s appointment.

Anyone else have a nickname for their little peanut while pregnant?

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