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First Pregnancy Recap


First Pregnancy: 34 Weeks

I’m coming up on my sixteenth week in my second pregnancy and I’m pretty much all done with my nausea (with the exception of rushing to the porcelain throne two days last week out of no where). Let’s just hope Mr. Nausea doesn’t pay anymore visits from here on out.

So just yesterday I was going through my belly photos that I took every two weeks during my pregnancy with Mason and it’s so surreal I’ll be taking those photos again coming up this week. Before, I started to show around my 16th week, but now I’ve pretty much been looking and feeling 18 to 20 weeks pregnant since my 12th week this time around…so cray! It’s amazing what our bodies are capable of during pregnancy.

Here’s my account of round one pregnancy: The Mason Bump:

Mason Bump

39 Wks - 3 More Days

Here I am at 39 weeks and 3 days before my c-section…about…to…pop!

I am literally holding up my belly in this photo.

With Mason: I craved salt and anything with marinara sauce. I was sick from week 6 to week 13ish. My nails and hair were strong. Swelled up like a balloon (nose, kankles, fingers…etc). I felt like I carried low and he was always on my bladder. Mason’s heartbeat was consistently around 160 bpm. I gained 41 pounds during my first pregnancy. Mason weighed 9lbs 10oz.


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