Arriving August 2016


I have been MIA for the majority of 2016 because the beginning of this year consisted of daily morning sickness. You heard me right, BABY #2 is arriving August 2016!

Mark, Mason and I are SUPER excited about the newest addition, but this baby is definitely giving me a run for my money. I’ve been sick every day since my 6th week and I am officially 12 weeks, so hopefully the nausea will be subsiding soon.

I have a feeling BABY #2 is a girl…I’ve been drinking Orange Juice by the gallon, candy is pretty awesome, cereal is my morning norm and I have been OOBER tired. Mark is thinking we’re having another boy, but my motherly prego instincts might have the upper-hand on this one, hehe!

Our first appointment was January 20th. I was 8 weeks and we heard the heartbeat! I remember I cried when I heard Mason’s heartbeat and thought that wouldn’t happen with BABY #2, but I choked up just as much as I did with Mason. Then our next appointment was a month later and BABY #2 was wiggling. We saw their tiny legs and growing brain. It has been so exciting, especially since Mark and Mason both come to my appointments.

It has been a crazy first trimester. Not only the morning sickness, but my belly has popped! They say you show sooner with your second pregnancy, and boy were they right. I feel and look like I’m already 20 weeks! WOAH! Slow your roll belly!

There will be plenty of other updates in the coming months, but for now I’ll leave you with some adorable photos of Mister Mason during his one year photo shoot!

Family Announce


Belly Button

Where’s your belly button!?


Thank you to Leia Drew Photography for the memories you were able to capture in Mason’s first year!


2 thoughts on “Arriving August 2016

    1. Thank you! And Congrats to you too! I just turned 14 weeks yesterday. It’s nice to be in the second trimester since my first trimester was pretty rough. Hope everything is running smoothly for you!


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