Christmas Update


This Christmas was so special, but also a bit stressful. Our precious Mister Mason has been battling RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) for a week and it was awful! Today is the official day he’s been acting like his old self again and has gone without puking. Hallelujah! It’s more of the runny nose and minor cough now, thank goodness! My mom and I also got the virus, and I think my dad and Mark might be starting to get the early signs of this nasty cold too. This is one of those I would not wish this on my worst enemy illnesses, especially for a little kid. Seeing Mason this sick has been awful and I hope he never ever gets this again!

So, the lack of getting any blog posts in during the Christmas holiday is due to my mommy role being on high alert with taking care of Mason. Now I need to figure out how to disinfect all his toys and the entire house! Eek!

No worries though…Christmas was amazing and Mason was spoiled per usual. He loved the bows and tissue paper, but was also in awe with each present he opened. He had to kiss each stuffed animal (aka bite its nose) and take a moment to soak in each new toy. Also, G’Pa and Nanna put up a swing at their house and we enjoyed watching Mason get in some overdue smiles.

Christmas Eve: My parents came over to visit with Mason and watch him open the first present! We bought him a pair of Christmas PJs and a book. He was in good spirits, but was still recovering from the RSV take over this past week. We read the Christmas Story and tucked Mason in bed, then after my parents left Mark and I baked some cookies for Santa.ย 






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