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Mister Mason’s First Birthday Party


















Mason’s first birthday party was not only magical, but I totally got all choked up when everyone was singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to him. I cannot believe this little angel of ours is officially turning ONE in a couple of days!

His birthday party was amazing! Friends and family from near and far gathered around to celebrate. I know some might say I’m being ridiculous getting all worked up over a year, but it’s the fact that it has gone by so fast. Does this mean each and every year will go by faster? I guess that’s my fear because before you know it we’ll be taking him to school, he’ll be off to college and etc. So I’m just soaking up Mason’s first birthday before it all passes by.

The party theme was Mister Mason of course. I decorated everything with mustaches and hints of Mason jars and bow ties. I had some help from our photographer friend who let me borrow some props from her photo sessions too. I baked his smash cake and a few cupcakes (with the exception of the burnt chocolate cupcakes that rest in peace in the trash bag), then threw together a candy bar as the giveaways. We also had ourselves a nice spread of food. No one left hungry that’s for sure! *Thumbs Up*

There was a lot of mingling that I was lucky enough to observe too. It’s always nice to see all your friends and family meeting for the first time or just catching up for the day. I announced it was time to open gifts and boy oh boy was Mason spoiled. He is so loved and each gift will forever be a precious memory for his imagination. Then I announced like a crazy person that it was time for the cake smash. If you know me well enough, you know I have no problem embarrassing myself or making a fool of myself, but also hoping everyone can get a good laugh in too. You’re Welcome!

Mason was having a minor cry session as I was preparing the cake, but I think anyone else would freak out when you find yourself locked in a high chair and have over thirty people staring at you. But once everyone began singing ‘Happy Birthday’ he had calmed down and was in complete awe.

It brings me great despair to report that the cake didn’t have a chance of survival. Mason took his time at first, but then pureed the heck out of his cake…just like his cake smash photo session. This was a proud mommy moment, ha! I totally cheered him on!

A speech was given, followed by a quick bath for the birthday boy and then the party ended as people began saying their good-byes. What a successful and exhausting day it was. Each moment made every detail of preparation all worth it! I would do it all again in a heart beat if it meant celebrating Mister Mason.

Birthday casualties included sixteen burnt chocolate cupcakes, a good roll of double sided tape, many balloons popped and a homemade smash cake. The end result, priceless.




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