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How to Repurpose Your Wine Cork Collection into a Gift


This project was too much fun! Not only did I get to drink some wine over the years, but got to create a fun little masterpiece. Found a similar idea on Pinterest, but added my personal twist to it. This gift will be going to my dad on Christmas day. He has a mini wine cellar off from his kitchen and I’m hoping this could add a nice touch to some of his decor.


First Step: Collect a bunch of wine corks!

I’m assuming you can find these at craft stores, but all that you see within this post was gathered over the course of time. Also, each cork has its own character and amount of wine residue left over giving this heart an ombre hue.



I placed the corks together to decipher the darker wine corks from the lighter ones and where I wanted to place each cork in order to make the heart shape.


I purchased this shadow box from Hobby Lobby. I loved the color and rustic look.


Final Step: Time to get your hot glue gun out! The background of the shadow box is made of black velvet (Anyone else singing the song?). The corks stuck nicely after applying the glue and dried quickly. I hung it up right away to see how it looked!


I’m gonna need to make me one of these bad boys!

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