Mason Meets Santa

Met Santa

Santas Workshop

Secret Santa

Mission ‘Meeting Santa’ was a success! No tears or fears or poopy diapers…thank goodness! Mason was dishing out a lot of farts while waiting in line and I was sending up some prayers that we wouldn’t have a situation…and luck was on our side.

We went to Bass Pro Shop to meet the big man and it was a very nice experience. There’s a large fish aquarium in the store, so Mark and I took turns walking Mason around and staring at the fish while one of us held our spot in line. I thought the hour wait went by quickly, considering the nearby mall Santa had a four hour wait! Unless I had a crazy amount of shopping to do, there’s NO WAY you can get me to wait in line for four hours. If there was a million dollar cash prize at the end of the line, then perhaps I might consider it.

My dad met up with us to take some pictures and get a Mason fix today as well. Mason always gets some giggles in when his G’Pa is around!

I think this might become an annual tradition for our little family. If we didn’t already accomplish so many things today (carpet cleaners and cake smash photo shoot) we might have planned a dinner outing, but this momma was tired and ready to get her comfy clothes on!

Thank you Santa! Be sure to add in that bottle of wine I requested, k thanks!


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