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Handmade Woodland Christmas Ornaments


I was excited to create some homemade Christmas ornaments this year and I’m pretty pleased at how they turned out. I initially wanted to display my drawings on a thicker piece of wood, but opted out and bought a four pack of plywood discs. You can purchase these discs at any craft store near you.


Cheers to crafting with glitter! Beware that the glitter will end up anywhere, everywhere and book a vacay all up your business for the next few days. I noticed a piece on my son’s forehead hours after I completed the project. ‘You’re Welcome’ for the heads up!

So, I began by drawing the calligraphy with a pencil before filling in with a Sharpie pen. I was going to use an acrylic paint pen, but it bled a lot within the plywood cracks (a regular Sharpie marker does this as well). Best to stick with the thin Sharpie pen.

Once my doodling was complete, it was drill time…


I created a small hole with a drill bit (exact diameter was 5/32). Since it’s plywood, the other side of the disc cracks a bit…no worries though, everything remains in one piece.

Brace yourself for the next step.


*Glitter Time*

I used a glue stick on the back to avoid clumpiness and to speed up the drying process. Once I had the glue as even as I could, I placed glitter in a tupperware box and shook it back and forth until the entire back was shimmering with sparkles. I used hemp string to hang the finished ornament and TA-DA! My dream of a woodland themed tree for this year was a success!



*The Deer: I had a deer stamp and then colored in with a Sharpie marker and Sharpie pen.

Cheers to finding glitter in your underwear in the morning!

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