Mister Mason: Birth Story


First post on this blog! Happy December first and what better way to celebrate and start off Mommie Mission than to share Mason’s birth story! Enjoy!

Mason Matthew was born on Tuesday, December 16 of 2014.

Weighing in at 9 pounds and 10 ounces. You can only imagine the pressure on my poor bladder! Those last few weeks of my pregnancy were purely focused on whether or not I could make it to the bathroom in time. However, I would do it all over again for this little bundle of ours!

Cannot believe it has already been about a year since Mason’s arrival. Everyone says it goes by so fast, and they were right! I try not to blink to avoid missing anything. Each morning I see his smiling face I notice something different about him. He’s turning into such an adorable kiddo and I can’t wait to continue to share every moment with him!



Mason’s birth story begins on a foggy December morning. Literally you could not see the car in front of you, it was that crazy. We woke up at 4am in anticipation for our son’s arrival and headed straight over to the hospital. Since I was scheduled for a cesarean section we had to be at the hospital by 5am.

However, before we left I decided to straighten my hair (which by the way only stayed fabulous for about an hour or two – then you realize you’re laying down 99% of the time, dragged everywhere and next thing you know the bed head style has gone to the next level). I had so many emotions running through my mind. Holy Moly I’m going to be holding my son in just a few short hours…mind-blown!

I had also been super nervous about the surgery. This was my first surgery EVER…so I had a pretty significant amount of concern. I am happy to report though, I was 90% excited and the nervousness was mostly geared towards the IV. I loathe IVs or blood being drawn. As much as I would love to donate blood one day…yea I don’t foresee that ever happening. I’m a wimp when it comes to that stuff.


So, about 3 months prior to Mason’s scheduled birthday, I had received the news I would not be able to go through the labor process naturally. I was really down about it. But I was able to get over it by knowing myself and our precious baby boy would have a safer experience.

Here’s some background…I have uterine fibroids. Once my pregnancy hormones kicked in the fibroids grew larger. One got half as big has Mason’s head and ended up being located in front of the exit canal. Needless to say if I had not gotten scheduled for a c-section I might have ended up going into labor, pushing and needing an emergency cesarean anyways. So rather than going through the unknown of a natural birth, the health of my son became much more important and thus a c-section was scheduled.

My initial reaction was sadness because I knew I would never be able to experience bringing a child into this world naturally. I never thought I was less of a woman because of it, only felt as if I was missing out on something. I now know that being a parent (no matter how the child gets into this world) is such an amazing blessing in itself. I would much rather skip the labor pains than miss out on becoming a mother.


Upon arrival to the hospital and before going into the surgery room you’re brought into a prep room where the dreaded IV comes into play, heart monitors are placed, the infamous Q&A and the coldest night gown you’ll ever wear (always a convenient breeze on your backside). During this time my parents arrived around 6am to wish us blessings and let us know they would be waiting for us in the patient room to see Mason when he makes his grand entrance. Granted my mind was somewhere else at the time, but I loved seeing them beforehand.

About an hour passed and it was time to meet our son! Mark had his space suit on and I went into the surgery room first to get my spinal. The room was large, but the table I would be laying on was tiny. I seriously don’t know how I fit on it because you could literally be laying on your back and in one move potentially wind up on the floor. It was a scene from a horror film with a humorous plot twist.

Next thing I know I’m holding one of the nurses hands while the nicest anesthesiologist got me good and numb. Weirdest feeling ever! The initial needle going in was not a problem (feels like a good ole bee sting), but once that medicine was pushed through I was not enjoying it. My body wanted to squirm and wiggle off the table, but I kept perfectly still as I started to feel my right leg burning. It went away after a moment, but that was not something I wanted to feel before going in for surgery. Also, my teeth were chattering from the frozen temperature in the room. I understand that it helps for everything to be sterile, but damn! That loin cloth I was wearing was no help.

Once I was numb and laying back on the table…it was game on! Mark came into the room to sit next to me and was awesome throughout the entire procedure. Even though I knew he was nervous, he had the best poker face ever!

There were so many emotions coming over me from the moment I received the spinal to when I met Mason! It was such an amazing experience. Tears definitely flowed when I could hear Mason cry and the moment they placed him up next to my cheek was amazing. Lots of kisses were given and I remember thinking how amazing this was that I’m now a mother and he was so beautiful! The moment you realize that you are officially a parent is so surreal. I think I’ll continue to pinch myself until my son graduates from college, ha!

After meeting Mason and the physicians finished up surgery, I was lifted and wheeled into the recovery area. Still feeling numb and tired, but ready to hold Mason! While I was recovering and speaking with the nurses, Mark followed another nurse with Mason to the nursery where my parents were able to capture the first moments they saw their grandson. The video footage they recorded was amazing! It’s so nice to look back and watch moments that I might’ve missed.


The next couple of hours were spent in my patient room stuffing my face with lunch meat that I had avoided most of my pregnancy and visiting with family. My parents were there most of the day, then Mark’s parents drove the 3 hours from there home to finally hold Mason in their arms. Everything about every moment was magical. Even the moment where Mason nearly peed on my father. Those newborn baby boys sure do have a powerful stream. Luckily this incidence occurred right after his circumcision, so I was happy everything was working properly! Phew!

The main downside of everything was staying in the hospital for what seemed like the longest 2 days and 2 nights of my life because you hardly get ANY sleep. There’s always a nurse checking your vitals or taking your blood pressure or someone else bringing in paper work to sign or to talk about lactation or an annoying photographer… NO…please let me sleep! Once we got home it was such a relief.

The final day at the hospital was the best! Mark had gone through plenty of diaper changing practice by this time and I was just ready to get all this fluid out of my system. I literally morphed into an unrecognizable person because of all the fluid in me…YIKES! We have video footage to prove it all too. This nose of mine could have gotten into the Guinness Book of Records for sure!


So here we are! New parents attempting to soak in every minute we have with Mason. It’s truly been a blessing and we are the luckiest parents alive. I know it’s so cliche, but he is THE best baby! We started gaining 6 to 7 hours of sleep when he was two months old, which was an awesome change from the first week he was home. My milk took some time to come in, so he was so hungry the first couple of nights. Thankfully we saw our pediatrician the day after our first night and got a lot of insight. Since then, things have been running smoothly.

His giggles and smiles always melt our hearts and bath time is one of the best moments of the day. Being a parent means putting someone else’s happiness and well-being before my own. Sometimes I don’t know whether or not I’m doing the right thing, but I can definitely admit that I’m trying my hardest. My decisions are not about me anymore, it’s always what is best for my child. Our baby boy. Mason.

A big thank you to our amazing photographer!! Leia Drew Photography

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